Your donations build springs

Your tax-deductible donations can be received a couple different ways.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

donations can be received by using the Paypal button above or mailing to the address below:

Build Springs

PO Box 512

Wessington Springs, SD 57382

Your donations are tax-deductible.  


Springs Rec Center Cover Letter (pdf)


Springs Rec center Donor Sheet (pdf)


let's Work together to help build springs


All sizes of donations matter

300 donors each giving $1,000 annually for 5 years is $1.5 million dollars.  This comes to about $82/month for the donor.   Donations like this example make fundraising for the Springs Rec Center a reality!

Can you help make this happen for Wessington Springs?

Please fill out the pledge sheet to show your commitment to help